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Sealonging Selkie


Welcome to Maggie Hirt's Sea Adventures, where the ocean comes alive with stories of wonder, discovery, and the call of the deep blue. Join Maggie Hirt, an intrepid explorer and storyteller, as she takes you on captivating journeys across the Pacific Ocean with her entire family.

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Life Onboard

Westerly 49

In June of 2017, we left Ohio and Michigan waters for a life aboard Selkie. We got to know her with a year sailing in the Caribbean, then crossing the Atlantic, via Bermuda and the Azores, and a year in Ireland and Scotland. The following summer, we sailed the North Sea, visited the fjords of Norway, stopped in Denmark, and circled the Baltic Sea. In winter of 2020, we sailed southwest England, crossed the Bay of Biscay, enjoyed Galicia, Spain, crossed to the Canary Islands, sailed south to Cape Verde, and crossed the ocean back to the Caribbean. In 2021, we visited and spent months cruising St Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, then Sint Maarten and the Dominican Republic. During hurricane season, our boat was tucked in safely in Rio Dulce, Guatemala, for a refit. In 2022, we traversed the Panama Canal, sailed to the Galapagos, crossed the vast Pacific, and enjoyed French Polynesia (Marquesas, Tuamotus Atolls, Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora). We finished the Pacific via Tonga's Vava'u, then down to New Zealand. Via sailing and traveling by campervan for 7 months, we explored all the we could of North and South Island, NZ. Currently, we are home in Toledo, OH, USA to let the children navigate traditional school. Fingers crossed for this land decision.


Homeschool Aboard

Mom, as a third generation teacher, leads the way.

In the past six school years, we have paired with Moving Beyond the Page, Oak Meadow, and Math-U-See with additional books, art, and musical instruments to make living onboard just as educational as life on land. Adding travel, like historic sites, museums, and cultural experiences, is the best education a child can get. Boat kids are the best kids! For a social experiment, we are letting the kids try traditional school in Toledo, Ohio. What an adventure that will be!

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Future Plans


We are exploring land life for a bit. In 2024, we will wait for a weather window to continue our journey from NZ up to Fiji, over to Australia, onwards through the Torres Strait, Darwin, Bali, Singapore, Western Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and then decide on the Mediterranean or South Africa. Sail on! The Indian Ocean will be our next home.

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"I need the sea because it teaches me."

Pablo Neruda

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Sample of a fun YouTube Video where we race minicat guppies

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Track Selkie

View us in real time as we circumnavigate.

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Pacific Prescription: Leukemia Cyclone

4th Poetry Chapbook in Pre-Sales

A storm, engine problems, or a ripped sail can halt your sailing dreams. For this traveling family of six, it was not weather, mechanics, or techniques, it was leukemia. From the middle of the Pacific, after the Marquesas, the Tuamotu Atolls, and Tahiti, sailing had to come to an abrupt stop. Just living life became the challenge. Poet Magdalena Hirt and her family stayed State-side to save her brother who was diagnosed with AML Leukemia, and then returned to continue their journey onwards to Moorea and Bora Bora. In Pacific Prescription: Leukemia Cyclone, there are poems of dreams and poems of survival. In sequential order, these poems tell the story of the ocean and sacrifice.

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Pacific Pieces

A Third Poetry Chapbook with more custom stories to bring you into my adventures! Order here!

As a writer, I don’t just use words to describe what I see; I create stories and scenes that take the reader somewhere new and unexpected. To get a better sense of my work, please feel free to explore my official Poetry Portfolio.

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Her Sea-filled Arms:
Layers of Blue

Second Poetry Chapbook! Order now! Released June 16, 2023!

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Debut Chapbook for Sale: 
Levels of the Ocean

Poetry Chapbook! Released March 2022!

Levels of the Ocean is poetry written by a sailing mother on a night watch. When it begins, she is new to live-aboard sailing, but as you progress through the poems, you grow with her on overnight crossings. The poems take you from the Carribean Seas where “moist tongues told truths,” over the North Atlantic where the “ocean whispers,” through the Thames and the Baltic Sea with “soft moves that settle on the skin,” then across the Bay of Biscay to a sound that is “like gods fighting from below.” Eventually, in the ocean off of Portugal, the sails “bang, clang, creak, hull smash, wave break, whomp,” which gives you a “strange embrace.” At the darkest moment, environmentally, mentally, she confronts “expectations towards death,” and lastly, finally, messages and life “seeps through the hull into dreams.” Enjoy this poetic, sailing adventure!

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Her Sea-filled Arms: Layers of Blue shares poems that drop down through the blue colors of the Canary Islands off of Portugal, to Cape Verde off of Africa, across the Atlantic Ocean through the Caribbean, over to the Dominican Republic and into Guatemala with a family of six on a sailboat called Selkie. The water sparkles and swallows, and their arms reach and breathe. The galaxy becomes their nest, and the children complex planets. The author, Magdalena Hirt, captures wind, stretches sails, raises sailors, doges squalls, harnesses life, moves with moonlight, whispers with depths, floats with phosphorescence, contemplates earth, holds mystery, listens to waves tell stories, swings with memories, and falls madly in love.


Finding Your People

Co-authored article with buddy boat in Cruising World Magazine.

Like a catamaran that has been split in two, our monohulls have crossed oceans as a team. Having the right buddy boat can make the cruising experience even more fun, educational and memorable.

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Article in Enchanted Living

Pre-dawn Sea Secrets 

Pull anchor up from a tiny stone bay with a cave. Sail softly over the sea so calm and eerie, silver and slithering still. Drop anchor cozy and snug at an empty island you’ve been reading about surrounded with cliffs and birds. Walk the huge rocks off the shore that contain so many stories of survival, exploration, and history. Feel magic in the moment. Pull anchor again and head north with hot tea in hand finding room on the sea.

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Cruising World January 2021 "Wintering Aboard in the Scottish Highlands"

My live-aboard family of six has docked. We pull off our Irish sailing Duberries and slip into our knee-high Wellies. We step off the boat onto the floating pontoon at Oban Marina, and stretch our legs after crossing the North Atlantic and sailing up the Irish Sea. When I put on my Wellies, my sea body becomes a land body again. I walk through the boatyard, and trudge through the muddy paths, and my sailing soul is filled with the piece of land my heart needs. Floating offshore aboard Selkie is the life we have chosen, but this land, this place, the family of Oban Marina and Kerrera is a home we chose for the Winter....


“Another storm is coming. Double check your lines.” Yes. Of course, just another huge wind spiraling in off the North Atlantic. It’s like living inside the tornado that takes Dorothy over the rainbow, and if you can endure the rigging slapping in the wind that whistles through the highlands to your hatches, the water slapping the hull, and the dock lines stretching, squeaking and pulling, you truly live in a brightly colorful, magical land of adventure. Every week one blows through, and we get use to it like a weekend. It becomes a two-day family holiday aboard—we hang tight, listen to Selkie get yanked back and forth, cook a giant pot of spicy chili in the galley, get hands-on our homeschool work, or explore another mechanical endeavor in need of improvement. When the storm settles, and everything is still, we can hear distant hairy cows moo, laughter, dogs, and an announcement of the CalMac ferry across the bay.

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Meet Daddy: aka Captain Nick

Sailing since childhood, he is a jack-of-all-trades, and a master of fun!

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Meet Momma: aka Teacher/Writer

She is a sailing, sassy momma that enjoys being a teacher, writer, wife, mother, and galley goddess.

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Meet Tristan (17)

Made from boat life, Tristan is comfortable onboard as a sailor, being a big brother, a writer, and an adventurer.

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Meet Lily (15)

Lily is a sweet and understanding sister that enjoys drawing, cooking, writing, and Netflix.

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Meet Mara (10)

Mara in the middle is willing to rile up any kind of fun and hopes to be a pop star or the first woman on Mars!

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Meet Rory (8)

Rory is Selkie-raised and learned to walk onboard. He's actually in charge of us all.

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